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Custom PCs

Whatever you computing needs, we can help you design and build a computer to fit the bill. We can customize virtually any PC to fit your specific needs. We can build almost any size PC and/or server. From massively powerful file and web servers to tiny little micro-PCs that have no moving parts and run completely silent. After we build your dream PC we can then install and setup any kind of system and software on it for you. We will make sure all your hardware and peripherals work in concert to the required end.

Surveillance & Security Cameras

We specialize in designing, configuring, and installing state of the art digital, IP, network cameras. These digital cameras give amazing image clarity and detail. They utilize built-in motion detectors, 1 or 2 way audio, infrared lamps (for surveillance in total darkness), alarm inputs and outputs, and a host of other advanced features to make them incredibly powerful and versatile. Surveillance of live or recorded images is via any PC connected locally or remotely over the Internet. Live and recorded video can also be viewed from most modern cell phones and PDA's. Recording and archiving is all done directly to PC and is only limited by the amount of storage space available (which can always be increased as needed). Motion detectors and specialized recording software can turn these cameras into ever vigilant digital sentries that can be programmed to raise an alarm when there is unauthorized movement in it's field of vision. These alarms can be audible sirens, still video picture sequences sent directly to cell phones or email, automated telephone calls to any phone number, and virtually any kind of digital communication path.

Intercom Systems

From simple voice systems to high-tech computer and telephone based systems we can configure and install any kind of intercom and door access system you need. Straightforward voice and video systems with electric door strikes (door buzzers) are simple to setup and use and provide a cost effective solution for remote door monitoring and access control. Higher end systems provide powerful features that can patch a regular or cell phone to a door intercom allowing you to communicate with someone at your door wherever you are. Combining intercoms with video can provide even more power and flexibility to your security needs.

Telephones, PBX, & VoIP

Today's Voice Over IP (VoIP) digital phone systems are among the most powerful and flexible telephony solutions available. These systems can use virtually any kind of phone and can interface with existing telephony infrastructure already in place. With VoIP you can leverage your existing broadband connection to make and receive calls for a fraction of the price of traditional telephone companies. By linking seperate offices via VoIP all inter-office calls can become essentially free. Powerful features include Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which allow all calls to be automatically answered by an automatic attendant that can route the calls based on the responses supplied by the customer. The systems can be setup to "follow" critical people automatically and will route calls to whatever phone they are closes to so they can be reached at any time. Personalized voice mail, telemarketer filtering, distinctive ringing, and video conferencing are only a few of the many powerful communication features at your disposal with VoIP.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs allow secure, private access to your internal network and computers from virtually anywhere in the world. With any Internet connection it is possible to connect to your PCs at home or office and work on them as if you were physically sitting in front of them. Using the same encryption technology that safeguards credit card transactions over the web, your system will be kept safe and secure while allowing you the ability to work from almost any location of your choosing. Geographically seperate offices can have permanent VPN links setup to allow seamless collaboration and communication.