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I.T. Consulting

Computer technology advances at a dizzying pace. It is almost impossible to keep up with the changes. Yet with so much money and time invested in computer systems your business simply can't afford to ignore it. It is of paramount importance to make sure that your business is running as efficiently as possible and is able to communicate effectively with your vendors and customers. You must keep up with the fast paced changes to computer hardware and software to make sure you can compete in today's (and tomorrow's) world. It's almost a full time job in itself.

So how do you do it???

You don't!!!

We do.

Our job as I.T. consultants is to unburden you from these technological troubles. We will do a complete audit of your computer hardware, software, and network. Then we will sit down with you and your key employees to determine how you use your computer systems. From this, we will determine how you can improve your workflow, efficiency, and return on investment of your computer systems. Chances are there are systems or strategies that will allow your business to run smoother and help your employees to work smarter instead of harder. We will research to find the best practices for your type of daily workflow.  We can help you squeeze every bit of computing power out of your current systems as well as make sure your network is not getting bogged down or experiencing any bottlenecks.

Although it has been falling steadily over the last 15 years, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a single $2000 computer in a business setting can still easily be $12,000 per year and more. We can help reduce this number. Most computer problems stem from improper planning and design. The best computer systems have a strong foundation based on proper business analyses and system design. Without this, not only do more problems crop up down the line but it can be up to 100 times more expensive in time, materials, and down tme to fix these problems. One of our biggest strength is communication. Unlike most I.T. consultants we are able to speak both the business and technology languages with fluently. Even more importantly we can translate these two very different languages to bridge the very important yet usually far too wide gap that exists between the business people who need computer systems and the I.T. professionals who create and maintain them. This communication gap is probably the single most prevailing reason why the vast majority of computer systems work so very poorly. We bridge this gap very effectively and will ensure that the system you want and need is indeed the system you get. In addition, our varied experience in the computer industry will allow us to temper your requirements and come up with systems and features you may not have thought possible or even dreamed probable.

So give us a call and we'll be very happy to start working with you to make your business run better, faster, smarter, and easier today!

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Fixing problems that unfortunately plague computer systems and networks is part science and part art. The science of it comes from the decades of experience we have in designing, building, testing, running, tinkering with, and maintaining computer systems and networks. If it's out there and plugs in or runs on batteries then chances are that we've had our hands on it to try it out (and most likely take it apart to see exactly what makes it tick). The artistic part comes from the creativity and lateral thinking needed to solve computer and network problems efficiently and quickly. Different problems call for differenst solutions and the goal is always the same. Get your computers working again so you can get back to work. Sometimes this requires a straight fix of the problem, sometimes a work-around solution, sometimes a complete rethink with a fast (and always accurate) change in the way you're performing a task. Our innovation is one of our most prized assets and manifests in many forms. Solving problems may be where it is most directly usefull to you and your business. Problems with the computer system or network can mean minor annoyances or business stopping disasters. Either way our innovation, creativity, experience, and professionalism will ensure that your are back up and running as soon as possible.

System Maintenance

Maintaining a computer system and network is as critical as changing the oil in a car or replacing the filter in an air conditioning system. It is a fact of digitial life that without proper and continuing expert maintenance even the fastest computer systems and networks will slowdown and develop problems over time. Computer systems can grow bloated and slow down over time. Regular useage, virus infection, disk fragmentation, hardware degradation, software bugs, information accumulation overload, and a slew of other factors all work together to clog your information flow and slow things down. Eventually this can slow things down, lead to component failure, and ultimately cause a system crash. We like to get in there before the problems start. We can identify potential weak spots and future points of failure and make sure to shore them up now before they cost your business valuable down time. Our proactive system maintenance will help ensure that your computer systems run reliably and as fast as the day you bought them.

Tele-commuting & Remote Support

Powerful and secure remote access technologies are available today, that when combined with the near universal connectivity of the Internet, allow for almost complete access and control of most computers and networks from virtually anywhere in the world without sacrifising security. VPN (Virtual Private Network) hardware and software systems can be easily and quickly setup to allow secure communication from anywhere an Internet connection is available. Using this technology allows users to access their home or office PCs as if they were sitting in front of them. The only thing that cannot be done remotely is to manipulate hardware (i.e. change a CD, rotate a backup tape, install new hardware, etc.). This allows employees to "tele-commute" and securely access their office PC anytime. Whether working from home or constantly on the road you and your employees will always have secure access to your data, software, and systems. Keeping your computer systems centrally located will help streamline administration, backup, and bolster security. VPN security is based around the same virtually unbreakable encryption used for credit card transactions over the web.

In addition, the VPN allows us to be able to support your systems and networks anytime and from almost anywhere. Most problems can be resolved far more quickly via remote connection and give you a much faster turnaround time for a resolution which in turn saves you both time and money. "Over the Shoulder" remote help is also available where simultaneous viewing and control of a PC is used to have users demonstrate the problem they are experiencing. We see their screen desktop remotely and can work with them to identify and resolve most problems immediately. It is as if we were there looking over their shoulder and in that way we can fix most problems right away.

Hardware & Software Purchase

In today's technology market there is a dizzying array of choices and different ways to solve most business problems andneeds. Navigating through this sea of information can be daunting, confusing, and even downright intimidating. Our knowledge and experience can help by not only making recommendations but purchasing and delivering as well. We will ascertain your exact needs and present you with a short list of choices and then gladly take care of everything from ordering, delivery, installation, and support.

Custom Computer Systems & Software

Sometimes it's impossible to find exactly the right kind of software or hardware off the shelf to fulfill your business needs precisely or solve your business problems exactly. We can design, build, and install any kind of custom computer system or software package to fit your business needs. Why settle for software that must cater for an entire general market and doesn't quite fit your business model and workflow? Creating custom software and hardware systems is our specialty and where you will get the most return on your investment in technology. We will work closely with you and your employees to determine your data requirements, workflow, operations, transactions, communication, and security environment and needs. Then we will design, build, and install a custom solution that will fit your business like a glove. It will allow your business to run as efficiently as possible and your employees to work smarter rather than harder (which usually keeps them much happier and much more loyal).

Network Design & Security

The network is the heart of any computer system. Communication of any kind is impossible without one. Whether it's a simple Internet connection or multiple offices seamlessly sharing information securely the network is at the center of all good infrastructure. We can design and build a network from the ground up or streamline and secure the one you already have. Security is of utmost concern and our's verges on paranoia. Strange as it may sound, a good, healthy dose of paranoia is what drives us to constantly question, research, and improve our security practices. This keeps us ahead of the constantly advancing threats which certainly never rest and will continue to assail any computer connected to the Internet.