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Business Sector Expertise

There are several business sectors and office types that we specialize in. These types of businesses listed here represent ones to which we have either extensive experience serving or have developed specific computer systems that address their unique needs.

Law Offices & Electronic Discovery

Having worked extensively with different law offices and lawyers over the past few years we have come to understand their unique I.T. needs and challenges. In addition to their case and contact management, scheduling, workflow, and collaboration systems, law offices need as sophisticated a back office system as any business. We have extensive experience with all manner of software and systems used in many different types and size law office.

Additionaly, with the advent of the information age, lawyers must be able to conduct electronic discovery to gather, organize, and classify evidence from a myriad of electronic sources. E-Mail, hard drives, PDAs, backup tapes, cell phones, PBX, voice mail systems, and the list grows daily. Failure to discover or properly extract the relevant information could mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

Finally, as more and more courts require electronic filing of nearly all documents relating to cases, lawyers and law offices have no choice but to shoulder the burden of learning and using a sometimes cumbersome system. We can help ease that burden across the board.

Doctor's Offices

Doctor's offices typically require small to medium sized computer networks and systems that follow similar requirements. Patient management, billing, scheduling, office management, and bookkeeping systems are typically required as well as any specialized medical software and systems. We can offer technical expertise and guidance on many facets of hardware, network, and software requirements unique to the small practitioners office.

Residential Buildings & Management Companies

Our revolutionary building management and communication system (VS 24/7) can turn any residential, doorman building into a smart building with state of the art features for building residents, staff, and management. At the heart is a cutting edge VoIP PBX system that works as an extremely powerful and flexible resident intercom system. Using an intuitive touch screen, door staff can quitckly and easily contact residents at home, work, or via any other telephone number they provide. This is combined with emergency numbers and important building numbers to turn the building intercom into a poweful communication hub of the building. Add-ons include a package tracking system with signature verification, key drop off and pickup tracking, building maintenance and service request tracking, web site integration, and video surveillance.